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The rationale for why I believe this can work is due to my partner in life becoming my co-worker, who later left for a similar and challenging position.We both continue to work directly with children as well as teach at the community college level.So I do believe that it is appropriate to date a colleague, however be sure that you can be respectful of one another, are aware of the boundaries and have the maturity to recognize the limitations while at work. This is an interesting question and one that is often covered within agency policy.My general feeling is that it is not good practice to date a colleague, although the nature of the work often leads to strong bonds between workmates which may lead to dating.For one, an office romance could create problems within the workplace concerning favoritism.Or, it could raise a conflict of interest within the business.

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I'm pretty jaded on the online dating scene, feels to me like a very un-natural way to meet somebody for anything lasting.

They were both feeling a lot of pressure and it was a decision made out of frustration and fear.

[There’s also] frustration about whether they’re at different places in their lives, no matter what they felt about each other and how much they cared about each other.

My partner is a very well respected and supportive colleague in the community, as well as an amazing resource to yours truly.

After 24 years we continue to be able to manage a respectful working relationship which is separate from our intimate one.


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