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Writing sketch comedy, as I learned during my one and only class on sketch comedy writing last summer, relies on establishing the “game” of the scene. But when I examine the lives of my friends who are married or married with kids, I don’t see perfection there either. We want to publish your story That’s not to say I think my friends made the wrong decision to get married or have kids or move to Encino, it’s just to say it’s not the best decision for everyone and shouldn’t be regarded as the end-all and be-all of life’s journey. At the foot of Big Bear Mountain, in a cozy, rented cabin after a long day of inner-tubing, window-shopping, feasting and soaking in a hot tub, a group of old friends gathered to share their “gratefuls.” One by one, we gave thanks. These women in my life are all married, and their greatest hope for me is that I become married too -- as soon as possible, ’cuz you know my clock is ticking....

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