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Once logged in, you can then alert the authorities to any activity you deem suspicious.

"When someone reports suspicious activity, the message goes to a server, and is then passed on to designated locations, which decide if a response is certified. In the first 48 hours of the project we had 200,000 alerts.

, Roberto Tejada offers a comprehensive study of Mexican photography from the early twentieth century to today, demonstrating how images have shaped identities in Mexico, the United States, and the borderlands where the two nations and cultures intersect—a place Tejada calls the shared image environment.

The “problem” of photography in Mexico, Tejada shows, reveals cross-cultural episodes that are rife with contradictions, especially in the complex terms of cultural and sexual difference.

This cam switches between a north view and a south view of the same road ....

This Sunday, Cam Newton might lead his team to win the Super Bowl, but he’ll never forget the time he lost against a Mexican university football team. Although it was an exhibition game, [so] it didn’t count,” Newton recently said when asked about the game, according Medio Tiempo.

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Rather than ride the rail, I walked, I had to walk about 2 miles before I saw ONE SIGN in English, and I was nearly out of the doors by then.

The reason we've set up the system is to sustain our decreased crime rate due to increased patrol numbers.

Trix, just because the sign isn't in English, these days, doesn't mean much anymore!

And apart from a few murmurs of disagreement from the League of United Latin American Citizens, nobody seems to mind the implementation of the Texas Virtual Border Watch Program.

To be able to access images from the 12 cameras, you merely have to sign yourself up to the website.


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