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When it comes to dealing with the real sporty types, they are very driven and in a rush to get better.

They get very frustrated when they realise that the healing process can sometimes take up to 8 weeks!

Below are a couple of my conversations and conversations my gf has had, before i realised you could save them x D Yes there are quite a lot of them, but what am i supposed to do while I'm at work?

Her sweet scent is driving me crazy and my tongue soon finds its way, from her navel, downwards..

Not happy bunnies, so I use my trained techniques and skills to calm them down and put them at ease.

My skills also come in handy when I enjoy a nice long cheap phone sex lines call.

Please find something more interesting to talk about!But, it can be useful as a diagnostic tool, to see how things are going hormonally, and for you to have some peace of mind that you are indeed ovulating. Ok so it is fairly standard that the period will last anywhere from 2-7 days.In the clinic, I like to see a period be no longer than 5 days and we implement measures to ensure this is achieved. This has been promised to you – an Ovulation Tutorial! Get all hoity toity on me, and start to obsess about ovulation.There are so many variations to what a ‘normal’ cycle should look like, but for the purpose of clarity – I’m going to talk about how it should look in theory. It isn’t useful – it adds stress to the already stressful fertility game, and keeps your mind constantly thinking about it. I want to explain the chart below thoroughly, so I’m going to break it down to simple town. All women will vary – and that is perfectly normal.It is important that blood loss isn’t too significant.


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